kayak paddle Wolferine 716.2


Wollferine is the highest series of TNP paddles.

Proven technical plastic reinforced with glass fibers is used for the blades in order to achieve the best mechanical properties. As a result, this material has a high hardness, while still maintaining the low weight we all want.

This paddle has specias water drop blades to protect you from running water without the use of drop rings on the shaft.

The paddle is a 2 pc. paddles and has a very snug assembly, without any play in the joint. It can be used for both low and high paddling angles. The angle of the blades can be adjusted from 0 to 45 or from 0 to – 45 degrees.

Additional information

Purpose of the paddle


Shaft material


Blade material

Fiberglass reinforced polymer

Blade angle

– 45; 0; 45

Weight, kg


Blade area, sq. cm.


Trade guarantee


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