kayak paddle Tybee FG


Tybee is a high – efficient kayak paddle, best suited for high angle paddling, which can be safely compared with the highest class Werner paddles like Shuna and Cypros. The disadvantage in the weight is more than compensated by the much lower price of Tybee.

The medium size blades are suitable for long trips in wide varieties of weather conditions.


Choose the right length of the paddle
Height of the paddler, cm
kayak width, cm
less than 63,5 over 63,5
less than 155 200 220
155 – 163 205 220
163 – 183 210 – 215 220
over 183 215 – 220 230


Additional information

Shaft material

Carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass

Blade material

Fiberglass lined with polyethylene

Blade angle

-75 to 75

Weight, kg


Blade area, sq. cm.


Purpose of the paddle


Trade guarantee


1 pc or 2 pcs paddle

2 pcs

Made in


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