Kayak Test

You are welcome to visit us and inspect the product before purchase.

If the kayak (or kayaks) you are interested in is available, you can test it on water. To cover the costs of transportation and our time, we charge BGN 50 with VAT. This amount would be refunded as a trade discount if you buy a kayak within 7 days after the test.

If you would like to choose between 2-3 kayaks, which you tested in our store, it is possible to take them all for the test on water, and the price does not change.

If you are kayaking for the first time, the test will not help you much in choosing because you do not have a basis for comparison. We recommend that you trust our judgment and experience or sign up for a kayak – training. When you come to us, you will sit in or sit on different kayaks. If a kayak is not comfortable for you, there is no point in testing it on water.

Our double Sit-on-top kayaks and double sit-in kayaks don’t need to be tested. Their behavior is extremely predictable. They are very stable, no matter of the brand and model.

From experience we can say that most often it is necessary to test in case of hesitation between 2 or more single sit-in kayaks. The fact that we offer a great choice of such kayaks creates additional work for us, but we are also satisfied, because all our clients are also satisfied with the choice made!

Testing is done at a time convenient for you and us.

You can book a kayak for testing by contacting us.