kayak paddle Ikelos Carbon


Werner is the most famous brand for high-end paddles in the world and Ikelos is the crowning achievement of Werner.

The carbon blades of Ikelos have a foam core, which makes them to pop up easily from the water and makes paddling easier. That combined with the extremely light weight makes Ikelos particularly suitable for longer trips or sprint.

Ikelos is also available with bent shaft for less fatigue in the wrists. The feather of the blades can be adjusted to your preference with step of 15 degrees from -75 to 75.

Ikelos is a powerful paddle, with large blades, best suitable for high angle paddling: the most efficient style when the blade moves near the board of the kayak.

Ikelos was awarded with “Best Performance Touring Paddle” from the readers of Sea Kayaker Magazine for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.


Choose the right length of the paddle
Height of the paddler, cm
kayak width, cm
less than 63,5 over 63,5
less than 155 200 220
155 – 163 205 220
163 – 183 210 – 215 220
over 183 215 – 220 230

Additional information

Length, cm

210, 215, 220, 225

Shaft material


Blade material


Blade angle

-75 to 75

Weight, kg

0.670 (straight); 0.755 (bent)

Площ на лопатката, см²


Purpose of the paddle


Trade guarantee


1 pc or 2 pcs paddle

2 pcs

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