kayak paddle Corrywreckan Glass


If you’re physically strong, if you have to struggle with strong currents and winds or you need power for acceleration when exiting in the surf or fast turns in the river, you’ll love this paddle!

Corrywreckan is a high-end paddle, lightweight and very hard and durable at the same time. This paddle is also suitable for touring and long trips because the large size of the blades are largely compensated by the low weight and the lower rate of paddling. We know this from our own experience.

Corrywreckan is available in two versions: traditional, straight shaft paddle and the more ergonomic bent shaft version.


Choose the right length of the paddle
Height of the paddler, cm
kayak width, cm
less than 63,5 over 63,5
less than 155 200 220
155 – 163 205 220
163 – 183 210 – 215 220
over 183 215 – 220 230

Additional information

Purpose of the paddle


Shaft material


Blade material


Blade angle

-75 to 75

Weight, kg

0.827 (straight); 0.891 (bent)

Площ на лопатката, см²


Trade guarantee


1 pc or 2 pcs paddle

2 pcs

Made in


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