inflatable SUP Explore Air 11’0″

The inflatable SUP Oxbow AIR features an ultra-light, durable and extremely rigid construction, which is usually typical only for hard boards.

By adding a non-stretch PVC strip along the top and bottom centerline of the board along with the two-layer board reinforcement structure, the weight was reduced, the hardness drastically increased and the ease of unfolding, folding and packing the board after use improved.

The AIR models can be inflated up to 15psi and comes with a large backpack that holds everything easily, even if the board wasn’t deflated completely. The backpack has also wheels!

The set includes a strong two-way pump with a manometer, packing belts, a removable central fin with easy installation, a repair kit and a valve key.

Explore Air is a board with great performance for touring in any conditions in the sea, river or dam.


Additional information

Length, cm


Width, cm


Weight, kg


Weight of the paddler

up to 100 kg



Thickness, cm

15, 2

Volume, L


SUP usage

Touring / competition

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