Breeze Performer 10’6″ SUP

Tahe (преди - BIC Sport)

10’6” Performer SUP is designed as an all-round board for paddlers up to 90 kg and as a surf SUP – for paddlers up to 100 kg.

The volume is evenly distributed, the stability is very comfortable and due to the moderate rocker and upraised nose, this SUP handles easily the waves when paddling in the sea or surfing. Of course, nothing prevents you from paddling also in calm water.

The boards of the serie ACE-TEC Original are, as the name suggests, with the traditional ACE-TEC design and shape, with surf-inspired longboard outlines, reliable stability, moderate rocker and the typical strength and durability of the BIC construction and materials. The new softer deck pad is perfect for the comfort of all in the family.


SUP paddle Buoyancy aid (PFD) Coil knee strap
Гребло за SUP Спасителна жилетка Връзка за SUP

Additional information

Length, cm


Width, cm


Weight, kg


Weight of the paddler

up to 90 kg


Fiberglass laminates

Volume, L


SUP usage

Universal – touring and surfing

Made in


Trade guarantee

2 years