• BIC kayak Borneo
    BIC kayak Borneo
BIC kayak Borneo
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BIC kayak Borneo hull


Length410 сm
Width84 cm
Weight34 kg
Capacity250 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
TypeTouring / sea
Warranty2 years
Made inFrance

Borneo is a great and versatile three-seater kayak that can be used also for solo paddling.

It has three comfortable seating positions, with enough distance between them, and its large load capacity (250 kg) allows the kayak to be used even by three adults. You can paddle also solo from the middle seat.

What makes the kayak unique are the transport wheels that have a special place in the luggage compartment of the stern, and they can be placed quickly and easily in the keel area at the stern.

This kayak has a very good tracking and great stability, thanks to the pronounced keel and the catamaran form of the hull. In short: Ideally suited both for inland waters and the sea.