• kayak Gemini black ice
    kayak Gemini black ice
kayak Gemini black ice
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Length385 сm
Width80 cm
Weight28 kg
Capacity200 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Warranty3 years
Made inUK

The double / three - seater kayak Scooter Gemini is perfect for family recreation, for two adults with a small child or a pet or any other combination you can think about. Paddling solo is not a problem from the middle seat as well. This kayak is very popular.

Gemini is stable but also fast. The nose is upswept more than usual, which allows you to climb waves without any problems and to enjoy even surfing the waves.

Gemini tracks very well thanks to its profiled bottom and long waterline. Of course, this kayak is suitable for anyone, including beginners, for those who prefer an active family vacation.

Gemini is equipped with high backrests, a watertight compartment for small items and water bottles. The built-in handles are very ergonomic.

Perception produces in UK.

 двуместен каяк Perception Geminy