Prodigy II 14.5

  • double kayak Prodigy II sunset
    double kayak Prodigy II sunset
double kayak Prodigy II sunset
double kayak Prodigy II seaspray
double kayak Prodigy II sunset side
double kayak Prodigy II seaspray side


Length442 сm
Width79 cm
Weight33 kg
Capacity250 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Cockpit229 x 58 cm
Warranty3 years
Made inUK

Prodigy II is the newest tandem kayak of Perception, created with one purpose - pure fun. This is more than a solo kayak with additional space, but unique experience in performance, design and comfort, with family and partners in mind.

Prodigy II 14.5 has a rocker for climbing the waves effortlessly. The focus is on speed, tracking and minimal noise when paddling through flatwater and light currents.

But most important are ergonomics and comfort, which are mandatory for Perception! The kayak has two super comfortable Zone DLX seats with multiple adjustment options, including height adjustable backrest and adjustable thigh support to reduce fatigue in the legs. Whether paddle solo or tandem with pets, children or adults, the equipment can be configured perfectly for each trip.

Prodigy II has a dry storage compartment with waterproof bulkhead and can be equipped with an optional rudder, if you wish to paddle in high winds.

Last but not least, the cockpit was reinforced with two aluminum pipes running alongside the rim, the keel is also additionally protected. This lends rigidity to the kayak and prevents deformation which could otherwise occur as a result of high temperatures and improper storage or transportation.

Prodigy II is the perfect kayak for you too if you want to take a bulky luggage, if you are fond of photography and camping.