kayak and canoe Sail

Tahe (преди - BIC Sport)

The BIC kayak sail is the most advantageous offer on the market for folding sails.

It can be used on any model of single and double kayaks, be it sit-on-top or sit-in, as well as on a canoe.

Works well if the wind is at an angle of up to 45 degrees and with a force of 3 to 18 knots (5.5 – 33 km / h).

The area of ​​1.2 sq. m. is optimal for the kayak to move quickly and the danger of capsizing in sharp gusts of wind is minimal.

The attachment system allows both hands to be free for paddling or steering the kayak with the paddle.

The sail attaches easily at any existing possible points on the cockpit or in front of it (rubber bands, ropes, brackets, ears, handles, etc.). If there are none, we can install.

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