Jura HV Skudder

  • kayak P&H Jura lava
    kayak P&H Jura lava
kayak P&H Jura lava
kayak P&H Jura lava side
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kayak P&H Jura sunbeam
kayak P&H Jura sunbeam side


Length491 сm
Width59 cm
Weight28.7 kg
TypeTouring /sea
Paddler weight< 124 kg
Cockpit91,5 x 49,3 cm
Volume342 L
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Made inGB

 Whether you're kayaking for the first time, or you are an experienced paddler, Jura will bring you a lot of joy.

Jura is a stable, forgiving most mistakes sea kayak, suitable for everything from short coastal trips to short expeditions. It is designed to introduce kayak tours to beginners and then continue to be suitable for them after developing their skills.

The Jura neutral shape delivers a superb tracking, but is also nimble for maneuvers, especially by putting the kayak on edge.

This kayak is equipped with the innovative Skudder® system that functions both as a rudder and a skeg, depending on the conditions.

The main features of Jura are:

  • Almost flat in the middle of the hull bottom, with a light V-shaped and moderate rocker, which gives security, stability, maneuverability and control under all conditions.
  • Long waterline for easy to move at a good speed
  • Nose with a large enough volume to climb the waves with ease and provide you with dry ride
  • Specially shaped stern to always stay in contact with the water and help the nose to stay up while surfing.
  • Moderately large kayak volume to fit all your accessories and luggage with ease
  • low-profile stern for easy roll