Delphin MK II 155 CoreLite

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    kayak P&H Delphin
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Length485 сm
Width57 cm
Weight25.5 kg
MaterialThree Layer Polyethylene
Cockpit81 x 42 cm
Paddler weight65 - 125 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Volume267 L
TypeTouring / sea
Made inGB

 The cockpit of Delphin is situated further back than in the traditional sea kayak design, providing fine balance which, in combination with the progressive to the nose rocker, makes the front part of the boat simply "kissing" the water. This leads to superior maneuverability and easy positioning when surfing even the steepest waves.

You do not have to be an expert to appreciate what Delphin can offer: flat profile of the bottom in the middle section of the kayak provides excellent primary stability and sloping stern increases the effective waterline of the boat and gives an excellent tracking and enough speed to maintain in short and medium-length trips.

When you catch a wave while surfing, the hard chines of Delphin enter quickly into action to keep you in control of the kayak and stand against the smooth front of the wave, while the rounded corners of the stern let you make simple adjustments to the course. The large volume of the dynamically shaped nose prevents immersion by rapid separation of water and helps to return back against the waves in the surf to continue the fun!

From our own experience:

Do not be fooled. Delphin is not only for advanced kayaking and adrenaline seekers. This is primarily a kayak with which everything gets easier! Maneuvers, rolls, paddling forwards and backwards, etc. The perfect kayak for anyone who wants to learn easy and to take pleasure in it!