Why canoe or kayak?


Sit-in kayak is the traditional kayak type where you sit inside the kayak. You would choose this kayak because:Sit-in kayak

  • You can comfortably take baggage for extended trips and expeditions (except recreational kayaks).
  • You can paddle all seasons. You want to stay dry and warm.
  • You can cross big open water spaces (except recreational kayaks)
  • You can keep a good speed for a long time and sprint fast if needed (except recreational kayaks)
  • You want to be prepared for challenging conditions like strong winds and higher waves.
  • You want to become one with the kayak, feel it and learn techniques that work only for sit-in-kayaks.




Sit-On-Top is a kayak with an open cockpit where you sit above the waterline. You would like it because:Sit-on-Top kayak

  •  You want to use the kayak mainly during the summer.
  •  You need the kayak chiefly for fun and escape from everyday life.
  •  You want to have fun playing on the waves and surfing.
  •  You want to feel very stable, to jump and get on the kayak very easily.
  •  You don't mind to be wet.
  •  You want the whole family to share the fun.
  •  You want to fish professionally.




Canoe is an open boat pointed to the ends and paddled with single blade paddles. You would like to have a canoe if:

  • You want to get the whole family into one boat.
  • Fishing is your passion.
  • You own a house on the waterfront of a lake.
  • You would like to go down rivers.
  • You look for stability and freedom of movement.
  • You want to stand up in the boat.
  • You prefer calmer weather conditions.