Waist dry bag 2 L Overboard

Over Board

The 2 liters dry bag is ideal for protection from water and dust of all small items that are always with you: car keys, purse, cigarets, phone and more.

This waist dry bag will save you a major inconvenience that accompanies you in water sports: Where to keep my phone, cigarettes or watch so that they are both at hand, protected from splashes or if I fall into the water?

The belt is wide, comfortable and has place for a small bottle.

  • 100% water proof main compartment (IP66)
  • Weatherpoof Front zip pocket (IP65)
  • floats on the water
  • suitable for short immersion
  • protects from dust, sand and water
  • light and compact. Made of lightweight material
  • seams welded with high frequency welding

Dry bags have an universal application. They keep their contents 100% of dust and water, do not sink and are carried comfortably anywhere in the hand or on the shoulder. In kayak and canoe they allow organization and protection of luggage in the luggage compartments or on the deck. A must-have accessory for anyone who does water sports or just goes to the beach or in mouitain in rainy wether.

To activate the 5-year extended warranty, you must register your purchase at https://reg.overboard.com/#/

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Lightweight eco-friendly TPU fabrics

Length, cm


Width, cm




Trade guarantee

5 years with registration

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