Transport cover Palm


Durable transport cover for kayaking, it will not slip and fly off if placed correctly.

Using a transport cover is important for three reasons:

  • To reduce the wind resistance this reduces the fuel consumption.
  • To avoid kayak filled with water if it rains. Then you might not be able to take it down from the car roof easily.
  • To prevent your seat and equipment left in the cockpit getting wet from morning dew if you are camping on the beach, not to mention the nasty creatures that can be sheltered inside.


Size EU (cockpit) US (cockpit) Length of the cockpit (cm) Width of the cockpit (cm)
N3 small S 73-82 42-50
N4 key M 81-91 45-55
N5 big L 89-98 48-58
N6 very big XL 96-105 55-60
N7 super touring XXL 103-110 57-62

Additional information




1680D nylon


adjustable 6 mm elastic bungee cord in polyurethane sheath with large grip on the periphery