throwline 15, 20, 25 m


25 m floating throwline for kayaking in white water and sea kayaking.

This can happen in difficult terrain with fast-flowing water or near rocks, where the kayak or boat cannot get close to the person in distress. The whole bag is thrown, the rope is unwound in the air and left to float on the surface.

The long rope Pro is most often used by a man on the shore, who has previously positioned himself on the dangerous section of the river and is ready to throw it if one of the descending kayakers capsizes.

It is attached to the waist by a belt for easy wearing and free hands.

The rope can be detached and used separately.

This throwline withstands 10 kN static breakdown force.

Additional information


CORDURA® 500D bag with foam for flotation and 11 mm floating, visible polypropylene core line

Weight, kg

0.929 (15 m)

Trade guarantee

2 years