inflatable kayak BREEZE FULL HP2

Tahe (преди - BIC Sport)

BREEZE Full HP 2 reveals significant advances in the design of inflatable kayaks with panel construction using the new Drop Stitch technology. These highly efficient, solid panels assembled around the preformed rigid elements of the nose and stern combine to create an ultra-solid, high quality kayak. A new revolution in inflatable kayaks and a unique product on the market.

The YAKKAir Full HP 2 combines the benefits of hard kayaks (durable shape, speed and efficiency) with those of inflatables (high impact resistance, easy transport and low weight).

The panels inflate up to 0.55 bar (8 psi)!

The kayak is for two people or two plus a child. You can also drive solo by moving the seat in the middle position. You can paddle it in sheltered waters, at sea and in the river.

Included accessories: two comfortable adjustable seats with high backrests with bags on the back, adjustable footrests; a big skeg for optimal tracking; double action pump with pressure gauge and carrying bag.


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