Islay 12

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    kayak Venture Islay 12
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Length385 сm
Width66 cm
Weight25,5 kg
Capacity124 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Volume328 L
Cockpit90.5 x 50.5 cm
Warranty1 years
Made inGB

Islay 12 has the characteristics of a touring kayak in a compact and lightweight variant. This kayak will appeal to people who want to explore and paddle in lakes, dams and rivers, but they still have the option of taking enough baggage for a one-day trip. Of course, the kayak is also suitable for the sea in moderate conditions. It will give you the pleasure to explore, for example, the sea coast.

The Islay 12 is ultra-stable and agile, responding quickly by putting it on the edge. It is available in a skeg version and with the new innovative Skudder® system of Venture.

What we like especially is that the small day hatch can be easily removed and carried as a bag - a great alternative to the dry bag.

Islay 12 is factory equipped with:

3 luggage compartments, which can be removed and carried as a bag in front of the cockpit; skeg or scuff; bands and ropes around the periphery; the possibility of placing pole stands; comfortable seat with high backrest Fit 4; comfortable carry handles.

The video shows Islay 12 LV (low volume), which is the smaller version of Islay 12