Arrow Play MV

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    kayak Zegul Arrow Play MV
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Length517 сm
Width53.5 cm
WeightA-Core=24; 3D C-Core=21; Rock Solid=24; Full Carbon=19 kg
Capacity150 kg
MaterialA-Core; 3D C-Core; Rock Solid; Full Carbon
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Cockpit81 x 41.5 cm
TypeTouring/ sea
Stern hatch24 cm
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
Day hatch15 cm
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

Arrow Play is an extremely efficient sea kayak, specifically designed to maneuver and play in the sea. It is also an excellent touring kayak for day and multi-day trips.

The hull has a considerable rocker and big volume of the nose, to avoid dipping the nose when paddling on steep waves. In the middle the keel is slightly rounded, which makes the kayak very maneuverable. This combined with the hard chines provides great agility when edging. It's really a pleasure to paddle a kayak, which is both secure and stable in rough waters and reacts immediately to your commands.

That says the manufacturer. We say the following:
Absolutely agree. So much so that one of our personal kayak is Arrow Play MV and from our experience we can confirm what was said.

The kayak has great acceleration and keeps the straight line without using the skeg in calm weather. The wind has little impact due to the low deck. The more advanced paddlers can hold the kayak "on edge" in a stable position for a long time. The moment of overcoming the secondary stability (roll-over) is when you lean so that the rim of the cockpit is submerged two fingers into the water!

You can turn almost on the spot with front or rear rudder or when bracing. This kayak is predictable, stable, fast and comfortable! Suitable for both advanced and beginners.

If that all doesn’t have any meaning to you, believe this: If we could go back years ago when we were beginners and we could come to this kayak, we would have saved a lot of time choosing the right kayaks for ourselves!