• kayak Bayspirit top
    kayak Bayspirit top
kayak Bayspirit top
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Length525 сm
Width56 cm
WeightTGC-Lite = 25; TCA = 23; TCI = 20 kg
Capacity135 kg
MaterialTGC-Lite; TCA; TCI
Day hatch15 cm
Cockpit80 x 42 cm
Skill LevelAdvanced
Stern hatch24 cm
TypeTouring / sea
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
Weight of the kayaker80 - 110 kg
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

Bayspirit is an unique kayak in the portfolio of Tahe. It is the only composite kayak with a U - shaped bottom and therefore may seem a little unstable for beginners in calm water.

But this kayak apply a great force to get you back in upright position even on leans over 40 degrees (great secondary stability). It has an uncompromising tracking and wind resistant low profile. Bayspirit performs superb in big waves and allows full control. This kayak fits perfectly to medium and light paddlers.

Bayspirit was removed from the portfolio of Tahe because it is not for the mass market, and again returned to production under the pressure of numerous fans and experienced paddlers.

The truth is that Bayspirit is an extremely fast kayak that glides on the water with little effort.
One of our favorite kayaks, which you can merge completely with!