touring and sea kayak Wind Solo

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Wind Solo (505) was designed by the famous Swedish designer Johan Wirsen. This is a very fast and stable kayak, with an excellent tracking ability.

The relatively narrow hull with small rocker is the key to good acceleration and keeping a very good speed for long time with little effort. The shallow V-bottom provides reliable initial and secondary stability.

The relatively low stern makes rolling easier. The SmartTrack steering system used in this kayak is considered one of the best in the market. Wind Solo’s hermetic compartments are spacious and suitable for long-distance expeditions. The deck equipment offers everything you can expect from a modern touring kayak.

The day hatch, usually located behind the cockpit, has been replaced with a mini compartment in front of the cockpit for easier access. Behind the cockpit there are safety belts for re-entry with help of a paddle float. The stainless steel ring is for securing the kayak.

Wind Solo is a multi-purpose kayak: whether it’s for sports and fitness in a dam or for long tours at sea.

Equipment: Skeg; Rudder and skeg

Additional information

Length, cm


Width, cm


Weight, kg




Cockpit, cm

80 x 42

Nose compartment


Deck compartment

44 x 26

A small compartment

2 pcs. of 15 each

Kayaking skill

For advanced

The purpose of the kayak

Touring / Sea

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