inflatable Beach SUP 10’6” V-kayak – pack WH

Tahe (преди - BIC Sport)

10’6 ” BEACH SUP V-kayak WH is a version of 10’6“ BEACH SUP V-kayak, where to the standart pack 10’6“ BEACH SUP Yak one seat with backrest Standard and one 2 pc. paddle Swoop are added.

The board is the same, except that instead of 3 small fins, it is equipped with a larger central one, which is removable. The side fins are an advantage only when surfing the waves.

Standard seats are of a higher class, are also used for hardshell kayaks, have lumbar support and are thicker.

We’ve made this kit because the 10’6 “BEACH SUP V-kayak will be available again in the beginning or first half of July, 2021 and for those who have planned a vacation earlier and can’t wait until then.

The footrests can also be ordered separately after delivery.

The set includes the board 10’6 “BEACH SUP Yak with a central fin Touring 9”, SUP paddle, seat, split kayak paddle, SUP leash, repair kit, pump with pressure gauge and convenient to carry bag in which fits everything except the kayak paddle.


Additional information

SUP usage

Universal – touring and surfing

Kayaking skill

For beginners and advanced

Length, cm


Width, cm


Thickness, cm


Volume, L


Weight, kg


Weight of the paddler

up to 135

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