Corryvrecken carbon

  • kayak paddle corryvreckan carbon
    kayak paddle corryvreckan carbon
kayak paddle corryvreckan carbon
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Length205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230 cm
Warranty12 months
Weight0.836 for 210 cm kg
Shaft materialCarbon
Blade area710 cm²
Blade materialCarbon
Blade angle-75 to 75 °

Werner is the most famous high end brand paddles for touring and white water kayaks in the world. Corryvreckan is a highly efficient and powerful paddle with lightweight and reinforced blades, which makes it particularly suitable for long trips with fewer strokes, for acceleration and speed, surfing and playing with the waves in rocky gardens where maneuverability is important.

The shaft is curved (bent shaft), so as not to strain your wrists when inserting the blade in the water. The angle of the blades can be adjusted to your preference with step of 15 degrees, from -75 to 75 degrees.

Corryvreckan has been designed for high angle style of paddling: the most efficient style where the blades enter the water close to boards of the kayak.


Choose the right length of the paddle
 Hеight of the paddler, cm

kayak width, cm
less than 63,5 over 63,5
less than 155 200 220
155 - 163 205 220
163 - 183 210 - 215 220
over 183 215 - 220 230