Swing Vario

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    paddle Swing Vario
paddle Swing Vario
paddle Swing Vario ferule


Length220 - 228 cm
Warranty12 months
Blade materialFibrylon
Made inFrance
Weight1.100 kg
Blade area571 cm²
Shaft materialCarbon

Swing Vario, is an adjustable kayak paddle, you can adjust comfortable both for your preferred blades angle and a length of 220 to 228 cm. The second is an advantage in the following cases:

  • If you're wondering what length is appropriate for you depending on your height and width of your kayak
  • if you have not defined what paddling style you prefer jet: "high" or "low" angle paddling
  • if you have kayaks of different widths and you need paddles of different lengths
  • if you are not sure that you won't change the kayak one day. You could keep the paddle in order to save costs.
  • if the blade is also used by other people other than your height.

This paddle is very durable and suitable for almost all conditions.