Martini - double

  • modular kayak Martini
    modular kayak Martini
modular kayak Martini

Martini is a very stable kayak for lakes and sea coast exploration.

Martini can be assembled and disassembled in few seconds. Each element can be carried separately from one person which makes Martini the easiest for transportation double hard shell kayak.

Martini is equipped with a rudder for a good tracking and easy maneuvering. In the watertight storage compartments you can put enough luggage for camping.

Martini is kayak that fits in the elevator, can be stored in the basement and transported even inside the car. Remove the middle section and the two seater kayak becomes a single one! No more "partner" dependence! Finally а touring kayak for everyone!

The designer of Martini is Magnus De Brito, designer of Porsche (Boxter 987, Carrera 997 and Carrera GT), Scania, motorboats Pirelli ("Best of the Best" award for Pzero 1400) and of course he himself is a kayaker.