10.6 SUP Air

  • SUP AIR Performer 10_6
    SUP AIR Performer 10_6
SUP AIR Performer 10_6


Length320 cm
Width84 cm
Weight10,4 kg
SUP typeAllround
Paddler weightup to 90 kg kg
Thickness15 cm
Volume235 l
Warranty2 years

SUP AIR is solid, strong and robust board for anyone looking for easy transportation and storage. The pressure is 15 psi while and the board thickness is 15 cm, enough that you feel like standing on a hard fiberglass board.

With three fins (one detachable central fin and two permanent fins on both sides), this SUP is suitable for riding both in calm water and surfing the waves, and even for rivers.

SUP Air is designed for travelers who want to take the board on the train or on the yacht, in the airplane or people with limited storage space. Do not be fooled by the fact that the board is inflatable: it is very tear and wear resistant and suitable for use in extreme conditions!


2 permanent side fins; a detachable fin 10"; premium EVA - deck pad; Ergo-Grip built-in carrying handle; deck lines; bow and stern handles; bow and stern clamps for towing with a rope; pump; bag


SUP paddle Buoyancy aid (PFD) Coil knee strap
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