11.6 Performer ACE-TEC

  • BIC SUP ACE-TEC 11-6 Performer
    BIC SUP ACE-TEC 11-6 Performer
BIC SUP ACE-TEC 11-6 Performer


Length350 cm
Width82 cm
Weight13,5 kg
SUP typeAllround
Paddler weightup to 110 kg kg
Thickness12 cm
Volume215 l
Warranty2 years
Made inFrance

11'6 '' Performer ACE-TEC SUP is suitable for general use for high demanding beginners weighing up to 120 kg. It performs also very well in the surf zone for advanced paddlers up to 136 kg.

Substantial volume and width offer excellent stability without compromising efficiency. The volume is evenly distributed over the entire board and that, combined with a carefully balanced rocker enable an excellent behavior of the board when paddling in calm water, without compromising mobility in the surf zone.

This SUP is also ideal for family use if you want to take a child or pet on board.

The new ergonomic carry handles reduce fatigue during transport.

One more thing: The picture can’t show how stunningly sleek and stylish is this SUP when looking on it with your own eyes!


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