Tandem Maxi with rudder

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    kayak Tandem Maxi
kayak Tandem Maxi
kayak Tandem Maxi


Length645 сm
Width69 cm
WeightOutdoor = 40; Outdoor Elite = 38 kg
Capacity350 kg
MaterialOutdoor; Outdoor Elite
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
TypeTouring / sea
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Cockpit80 x 42 cm
Stern hatch44 x 26 cm
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

Tandem Maxi is 100% kayak for expeditions. There is an additional storage compartment between the cockpits. This compartment is suitable also for a pet or third person if you order the kayak with an additional seat.

The paddlers sit in the kayak so far apart from each other that they can’t interfere with the paddles in any way.

Because of the good length / width ratio, this kayak can maintain high speed for a long time.