Capella 166

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    kayak Capella 166 sunbeam
kayak Capella 166 sunbeam
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Length505 сm
Width56 cm
Weight26.1 kg
Cockpit80 x 43 cm
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Paddler weight65 - 120 kg
TypeTouring /sea
Volume349 L
Warranty1 years
Made inGB

This is a kayak which has proved itself in every respect! The Capella 166 was our first personal choice, more than 10 years ago, when we started to do sea kayaking. You might not believe, but we still use it actively and we haven’t had to repair anything for all this time!

This model has a long history in the P & H range and continues to prove its versatile qualities after being moved to the Venture brand.

It is suitable for everything from a relaxed paddling in larger rivers, lakes and coastal areas to crossing large open spaces and long-distance expeditions in difficult conditions.

The Capella 166 tracks very well even without a deployed skeg or rudder, it is stable and capable of maintaining a good speed for a long time.

The seat is comfortable and the cockpit is large for easy entry and exit.

The combination of quality, durability and versatile application has made Capella the choice of many instructors and training centers around the world.

This is a kayak for every day, in all conditions, at any time! It is not a coincidence, that Capella was perhaps the most popular kayak in the P&H range, now Venture.