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Length525 сm
Width58 cm
Weight26.5 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
TypeTouring /sea
Cockpit80 x 43 cm
Weight of the kayaker65 - 125 kg
Warranty1 years
Made inGB

 With the most universal size in the P&H range, Scorpio MK II MV meets the needs of the most kayakers with different requirements.

This is the ultimate expedition kayak for those who want the ultimate durability and sturdiness, the perfect choice if you play around the rocks, if you launch or go out of stone beaches or just do not want to mind and protect the kayaks. If you are also a professional who is often out in challenging conditions or if you have a kayak center, whose boats are used and "mistreated" by hundreds of customers each year.

The sandwich construction gives the Scorpio's body the best strength / weight ratio beyond all of the single polythene sea kayaks. This allows it to glide effectively through the waves while at the same time having its own buoyancy.

Scorpio's sleek nose passes elegantly to the slightly V-shaped, highly-stable hull shape with rounded edges, giving a smooth stroke and easy control in all conditions. The highly pronounced rocker means that Scorpio MKII climbs and descends the waves simply as in a game.