Kayak Sea Dimension - touring kayak

  • Kayak Sea Dimention
    Kayak Sea Dimention
Kayak Sea Dimention
Kayak Sea Dimention


Length530 сm
Width60 cm
Weight24 kg
Capacity150 kg
MaterialDiolen / Kevlar
Cockpit79 x 40 cm
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
TypeTouring/ sea
Warranty3 years
Made inPoland

Sea Dimension has a large load capacity and spacious luggage compartments. Don’t worry that you could overload the kayak.

The cockpit is large and also high at the front, ensuring that it will be convenient for people with larger thighs.

The stability is perfect thanks to the strong V - shaped hull and the width of 60 cm, which means that the kayak is suitable also for beginners.

Once we tested it, as we do with every new kayak, we were surprised that this kayak needed neither rudder nor skeg in order to track straight in calm weather. The kayak behaved completely predictable and was very stable, even without being loaded. In sprint Sea Dimension achieved a slightly higher speed than Sea Emotion despite the relatively larger width and remained stable.

Sea Dimension is equipped with 4 convenient storage compartments with easy-closing hatches. The low seat with high backrest is very comfortable.

The quality is good, the material - very strong.

Overall, Sea Dimension offers everything one might want and expect from a touring kayak!

Equipment: Rudder

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