• kayak Inukshuk
    kayak Inukshuk
kayak Inukshuk
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Length518 сm
Width59,6 cm
Weight30 kg
Capacity125 kg
TypeTouring / sea
Cockpit42 x 79 cm
Weight of the kayaker55 - 102 kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Warranty3 years

The Inukshuk combines elegance and performance. It is the fastest kayak in its category.

The long waterline and tapered contour allow the kayak to accelerate quickly and track wery well. The up-swept bow provides buoyancy when paddling in waves. While you perform a lean turn, the moderate rocker makes the kayak very responsive. There is ample storage for extended touring. Due to the low profile there is minimal wind resistance, making the Inukshuk easy to control regardless of the paddler’s skill level.

Furthermore, we like very much the form, design and quality, and that the manufacturer has not spared anything to ensure the high comfort. We hope that will appeal to you as well.

This kayak is factory equipped with a rudder.