• kayak Freya
    kayak Freya
kayak Freya
touring kayak Freya


Length560 сm
Width58 cm
Weight25 kg
Capacity200 kg
Cockpit86 x 41 cm
Skill LevelAdvanced
TypeTouring/ sea
Warranty3 years

Why Freya? Freya Hoffmeister is the first women who circumnavigated Australia alone with a kayak. Not long ago Freya circumnavigated South America exactly with the kayak Freya. Freya paddled often more than 70 km. a day in the ocean, in such waves and winds where we prefer to stay at home and watch TV. The kayak was heavily loaded but it could take it: the capacity is 200 kg! The kayak is equipped with an innovative skeg/rudder system which improves a lot the maneuverability of this 5,6 m. long kayak. The low friction of the integrated in the hull rudder allows effortless paddling and more speed. Day after day, mile after mile.

Freya Hoffmeister with the kayak Freya: The second continent. Visit the Freya's blog and see how she was performing:

Freya: Вторият континент

Equipment: Rudder and skeg