Wind Solo

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    kayak Wind Solo
kayak Wind Solo
touring kayak Wind Solo


Length505 сm
Width54 cm
WeightTGC-Lite = 23.5; TCA = 21.5; TCI = 19.5 kg
Capacity130 kg
MaterialTGC-Lite; TCA; TCI
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
Day hatch15 cm
Skill LevelAdvanced
Cockpit80 x 42 cm
TypeTouring/ sea
Stern hatch24 cm
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

The Wind Solo is the first composite kayak in the Wind range. This innovative, fast and stable cruising family has all the appearance of a sport kayak.

The Wind Solo is a good all-around kayak, suitable for a range of experience and a variety of paddling conditions. Yet in essence it is first and foremost a wonderful sea touring kayak.

It is equipped with three hatches and specious storage compartments for all the equipment You may need. The hull is designed with a low V-shape, which secures good speed and maneuverability.

The kayak is equipped with a comfortable footrest and with either the Kajaksport skeg system or both the skeg and the original Smarttrack rudder system.



Equipment: Skeg; Rudder and skeg