Wind Solo PE

  • kayak Tahe Wind Solo PE
    kayak Tahe Wind Solo PE
kayak Tahe Wind Solo PE
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Length505 сm
Width54 cm
Weight24-26 kg
Capacity130 kg
MaterialTree layer polymer
Cockpit80 x 42 cm
TypeTouring/ sea
Stern hatch24 cm
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
Day hatch15 cm
Skill LevelAdvanced
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

Wind Solo PE is built for speed. It is a high-density superlinear sandvich construction plastic version of the popular Wind Solo.

Having a higher deck and position on water than most Tahe kayaks, Wind Solo PE is more influenced by the wind but with deployed skeg or rudder it tracks perfectly even in strong winds. The high deck and cockpit provide a great volume for your baggage for expeditions, keep you dry and allow high angle strokes for more efficiency and speed.

This kayak offers a very good secondary stability. That means there is a high righting moment and the kayak resists when you try to tilt it. The experienced paddlers can lean a lot when turning. Wind Solo PE is a good all-round kayak suitable for a variety of paddling conditions and skill levels.

Equipment: Rudder and skeg