Greenland T

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    kayak Zegul Greenland T
kayak Zegul Greenland T
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Length545 сm
Width54 cm
WeightA-Core=23; 3D C-Core=18; Rock Solid=23; Full Carbon=16 kg
Capacity135 kg
MaterialA-Core; 3D C-Core; Rock Solid; Full Carbon
Weight of the kayaker70 - 110 kg
Day hatch15 cm
Cockpit82 x 45 cm
Skill LevelAdvanced
Stern hatch24 cm
TypeTouring/ sea
Bow hatch44 x 26 cm
Warranty3 years
Made inEstonia

Greenland T (touring) is a classic Greenland style kayak and most popular due to the successful combination of seemingly traditional design with modern materials and technologies.

This kayak is easy to handle in all conditions: in heavy seas, strong winds and long trips. The backrest is low, which allows free movement for greater efficiency. There is no one more efficient kayak for practicing the roll.

The cockpit is large and comfortable for easy entry and exit. It fits like a glove for people with medium build. The volume of the kayak is great, despite the low profile and the water tight compartments with bulkheads fit enough baggage for multi-day trips, although the baggage should be distributed in smaller packages because of the low kayak profile. The advantage of the low profile is that even strong winds have very little impact and the low position above the water allows the use of a shorter and less heavy paddle.

With this kayak is possible to effortlessly maintain a speed over long distances of 7.8 km / h (5 - 6.5 for most touring kayaks), over shorter distances of 9.3 km / h and in the sprint - over 10 km / h. See the review of Sea kayaker magazine.

We have tested the kayak and in good weather and in bad - 2.5 hours paddling in the sea at 45 km / h wind. It performed as expected: very stable and keeping the straight course all the time with only slightly lowered skeg. Additionally Greenland T has a great acceleration and is highly maneuverable.

Greenland is among other things ........a beauty!