Baffin P1, P2, P3

  • touring kayak Baffin P1, P2, P3
    touring kayak Baffin P1, P2, P3
touring kayak Baffin P1, P2, P3
kayak Baffin P1, P2, P3


Length506 (P1), 518 (P2), 536 (P3) сm
Width54.6 (P1), 56.5 (P2), 58.4 (P3) cm
Weight26.8 (P1), 27.2 (P2), 28.2 (P3) kg
Capacity109 (P1), 125 (P2), 145 (P3) kg
MaterialThree Layer Polyethylene
TypeTouring/ sea
Cockpit79x41 (P1, P2), 84x43 (P3) cm
Weight of the kayaker40-75 (P1), 65-105 (P2), 90-130 (P3) kg
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced
Warranty3 years


Baffin is a Greenland style kayak with a fish form (widest forward of the cockpit). Due to the moderate rocker and the upraised bow, Baffin handles easily the waves and keeps you dry.

This kayak is highly maneuverable due to its fish form and boards with reverse arc (reverse hard chine). More experienced paddlers can easily make the turn just by leaning (without hard bracing) in order to keep the speed. If the skeg is lowered even slightly, the kayak turns hard, so it keeps uncompromisingly the straight course even in strong winds.

The primary stability is very good, typical of Greenland kayaks design and the transition from primary to secondary stability is smooth and in wide range (angle), giving enough time to react and counter.
Baffin can be paddled "on edge" by more experienced kayakers with a slope greater than 40 degrees.
The cockpit rim of Baffin stands high above the water, so the kayak can be paddled without spray skirt in good conditions.

Since Baffin has in addition large hatches and spacious watertight cargo compartments with bulkheads, it is perfectly suited for expeditions. The more you load the more stable it becomes (almost 80 degree angle). The seat and cockpit are also designed with the assumption that you may spend a lot of time sitting: they are very ergonomic.

Build quality is typical of the Canadian Boreal Design brand and leaves nothing more to be desired. Baffin is available in three sizes, depending on the weight of the paddler in a version 3-layer polyethylene and composite materials.