Sit-in kayak

 You would preffer a sit-in single kayak to the double sit-in kayak if:

  • You are an individualist more or less and want to have always control over your kayak and the situation.
  • You want to learn all sorts of tricks with a kayak.
  • You want to go out and let off steam but there is no one to accompany you.
  • You want to have a relatively lightweight kayak you could lift by yourself on the car roof.
  • You have friends with kayaks who invited you to join them but you couldn't convince your better half to kayaking with you in a double kayak.
  • You consider the single kayak to be more graceful.

You would preffer a sit-in double kayak to the single one if:

  • You have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you can't stay away from each other  more than a minute
  • You want to reach or keep a high speed because combined you are more powerfull then each of you separately.
  • You are sure that both of you would paddle in one and the same direction.
  • You don't have enough savings or storing space for two single kayaks.
  • You have a growing up son or daughter and both of you want to feel safe.
  • Your better half refuses to paddle alone in a single kayak.
  • You have a pet you want to take always and everywhere with you.
  • You want to feel stable on the water and take photos while the second person keeps the boat in place.